Mineral (coal, coke, petroleum coke and solid biofuel) Inspection

Mineral (coal, coke, petroleum coke and solid biofuel) Inspection

The value of your bulk cargo shipments is best determined by a quality and quantity assessment based on sampling and analysis.
SGS has been a trusted leader in trade inspection and commercial sampling services since 1878. If you are a buyer, seller or transporter of bulk commodities, we can reduce your commercial risk by ensuring that your shipments meet international standards and customer specifications.

SGS Minsk TYPICAL Services in Belarus for coal/coke inspections:

    • Sampling
    • Sizing
    • Laboratory testing
    • Loading and discharging supervision
    • Supervision of weighing
    • Photo record


At the heart of any successful production process lie two key elements: first, obtaining a small sample that is truly representative of the whole, followed by an analysis of that sample using standard techniques and methods to establish compliance and quality of the source. SGS sampling services support you in achieving these goals.
Obtaining a truly representative sample at this sort of level is a job for experienced professionals, using tried and tested equipment and working to internationally accepted norms and standards.
An excellent sample can become a useless one very quickly in untrained hands. We offer sampling and laboratory analytical services to our clients of the highest standard, carried out by experienced trained staff. Our goal is zero non-compliance with not only standard practice, but best practice. Contact us to find out more about how our SGS sampling services can help you.


SGS coal and coke analysis services include among other:
    • Proximate and ultimate analysis of the moisture, sulfur, calorific value, volatile matter and fixed carbon on coal and coke sampled and prepared by prescribed methods
    • Ash analysis and testing services including ash elemental analysis, ash fusion testing, ash viscosity, chemical ash elemental analysis, fly ash resistivity and coal petrography. This is important to understand to determine how close your material is to “ideal” for steam power generation
    • Hardgrove Grindability Index (HGI) is a measure of coal’s resistance to crushing. The HGI helps you to estimate grinding power requirements and throughput capacities in your operations
    • Size analysis by sieving
Partner with SGS and leverage our technical capabilities to guarantee that your coal and coke analyses meet global standards for quality and excellence.


Avoid losses and ensure the preservation of cargoes.
Comprehensive solutions for verifying the quality and quantity of mineral commodities during trading.
The ability to accurately determine the quality and quantity of a cargo is vital when trading minerals. Over the years, several methodologies and techniques for loss control and preservation have been developed. These operate in combination with innovative procedures and local knowledge and, collectively, they help to build trust when trading commodities.
Our qualified inspectors support your trading goals through supervision and by determining the quality and quantity of your shipments of minerals. We use innovative, advanced techniques, alongside traditional methodologies, to accurately measure and validate your cargo. At the same time, we can ensure compliance with the regulations enforced in your target markets.
In a dynamic trading world, we help you to make each transaction a success. Our trade inspection services comply with international ISO/GOST standards, as well as local country standards, practices and requirements. Our field staff are all trained to meet recognized industry standards and regulations as they are applied to measuring and sampling operations at the local level.


SGS’s loading and discharge supervision services help to protect the safety, integrity and quality of your products throughout the supply chain.
Our inspectors can be in full time attendance at every operational stage to provide loading supervision and discharge supervision, ensuring you receive a constant and direct flow of information.
To provide you with the control and peace of mind you need, our loading supervision and discharge supervision services include:

    • Sampling and testing services
    • Quantity and weight determination
    • Packaging and label verification
    • Sealing services
    • Operational control of loading and discharge
    • Temperature monitoring
    • Traceability
    • Real time reporting with situation updates, monitoring any items of concern


SGS’s e-certification service dramatically speeds up the documentation process, helping you to avoid the costs and delays associated with the issuing and transportation of certificates in hard copy.
After completing our inspection, we can create and email your digitized certificate to all the relevant parties around the world. Globally accepted by trade partners, banks and other financial institutions, our e-certificates fully comply with Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits for Electronic Presentation (eUCP) rules.
For your security, our online system allows you to validate your e-certificates and to keep a record of all the certifications received. It is also possible to upload additional documents relating to each trade (e.g. the Statement of Facts and Certificate of Origin), which we can then certify as SGS copies.
Find out how SGS’s e-certification service can help you save money and time with your trading activities.


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